Microsoft Power BI is an extensive platform that provides access to all prime information sources, which consecutively allows you to assemble data for analysis and present its effects in the form of obvious & interactive reports and dashboards. Working in the cloud makes deployment efficient without requiring significant financial disbursements. Power BI also ensures the highest standards of information access security.

Smart insight-driven authoritative decision-making is a perpetual aspiration for any organization. But resolving data-related challenges is never straightforward. From consulting, planning, strategy making, development to support, Quadrant Resource provides end-to-end Business Intelligence services. We also leverage advanced machine learning algorithms for harnessing data to give deeper insights and recommendations.

Our Approach to BI Consulting and Strategy

At Quadrant, we provide software based on your company's needs. As companies grow, the amount of data decisions the makers need to understand their company performance also increases. By using BI software, your company’s decision makers can take the guess work out of the equation and rely on exact, real-time company data.

  • Define BI Objectives.
  • Assess BI Capabilities.
  • Plan BI Strategy.
  • Data Warehouse Enhancement.
  • Reporting Platform.
  • Performance Overview.