What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of tools and unique cultural practices designed to improve the organization's ability to deliver services and applications faster and better than traditional IT software development processes. This close bond between "Dev" (Development) and "Ops" (Operations) extends to every step of the DevOps life cycle: from planning software, coding, developing, testing, and releasing stages to the deployment process, operations management, and perpetual monitoring.

what is devops
what is devops

What We Offer?

At Quadrant Resource, our team of experts help startups and enterprise-level organizations develop and operate with high efficiency, faster time-to-market and early detection of emerging issues to achieve the best quality of software.

We focus on the management culture that enhances the overall software setup to complete collaboration, communication, and integration. By automating the end-to-end delivery pipeline, we ensure faster on-boarding of applications and help continuous integration and delivery across popular cloud platforms.


Our DevOps Capabilities

  • infrastructure management

    Infrastructure Management

    • Assessment for Migrations to the cloud.
    • Identify and determine the infrastructure required for clients and provide proper optimization plans.
    • End to end infrastructure management and support.
    • Recommend optimization techniques/ solutions (IAAS) based on usage and services.
    • Improving solutions with high standards on security and networking.
    • Providing Migrating solutions on-prem –cloud, Cloud-Cloud based infrastructure
  • build and deployment

    Build and Deployment

    • Planning releases pipelines and maintains version control.
    • Design and develop end to end DevOps pipelines.
    • Upgrading existing on-prem deployment practices to the Cloud.
    • Site Reliability Engineering to take ownership of pre and post-production issue
  • automation and Orchestration

    Automation & Orchestration

    • Design and automate buildouts and deployments in all environments.
    • Data visualization and Insights using Power BI for status reports.
    • Automatic ticket routing and resolution through BOT Services.
    • Provide Insights by identifying patterns of tickets through AI & ML Model.
  • support


    • 24*7 support for all services.
    • Monitoring, Live Site, CRI and DRI work.
    • Customer support for products.
  • development


    • Development of App Services, Database Services, Business Analytics.
    • End to end Managed Services in terms of Application Development and Supp.

7 C's of DevOps - The Quadrant way

  • Magnificent record in delivering implementation, integration and customization.
  • Holding certified and expert Microsoft professionals.
  • Provides quality service at operative costs within a dedicated timeline.
  • Top to bottom technical, functional, and operational support.
  • Reliable estimation and knowledge based particular Requirement Gathering.
  • Rely on first-class support.
  • Quadrant Resource provides 24*7*365 Support & Maintenance.
seven c's of devops

Continuous Planning:

Continuous planning by working smartly and intelligently, adapting to change, and responding to the challenges of the work and requirements of the customer.

Continuous Develop:

Continuous deployment by using automation tools that allow teams to quickly deploy software into production, reducing the time it takes to develop, test, and deploy in production.

Continuous Integration:

Continuous Integration (CI) by automating the testing and integration of code changes from multiple collaborators into a single software project.

Continuous Deployments:

Our software development practice enables each code change pass through the entire pipeline and automatically deployed into production, resulting in several product developments each day.

Continuous Testing:

Our continuous testing reduces test-cycle time by enabling integration testing at the beginning of the life cycle. This removes testing bottlenecks and saves money.

Continuous Delivery:

Continuous delivery by changing or updating the flow, configuration fixing, bug fixing and continuing to incorporate the latest features into the product and eventually into the hands of the customer.

Continuous Monitoring:

Our DevOps experts customize tools and adopt relevant & advanced methods for continuous monitoring of software product delivery pipelines, deployed software applications and their components.

Continuous Feedback and Optimization:

Our continuous feedback and optimization give an opportunity to analyze customer travel and identify pain points that deflect by the right product and customer experience.

service work flow

Tools and Technologies We Use in DevOps

devops tools

Why Choose Us as Your DevOps Partner?

  • Strong technical expertise in Azure, AWS, Google.
  • Highly creative and motivated team of architects, programmers, developers, and testers.
  • Result driven approach with effective cost savings.
  • Team of 100+ Certified Professionals
  • 200+ DevOps Implementations across multiple domains
  • 30+ clients across the globe with the best CSAT scores.