IP Solutions


Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of every organization. We at Quadrant Resource understand the importance and role of Intellectual Property assets in your business, and pride ourselves in our ability to protect our clients IP assets. Quadrant Resource Patent team has more than a decade of experience that cuts across wide variety of technologies. Our suite of multi-dimensional IP solutions helps safeguard our clients Intellectual Property assets and needs, so that they can continue to focus on their business growth.

  • Patent Mining: Our Patent and technology experts comb through the clients entire Patent portfolio to identify patents relevant for a particular engagement. We enable this through our propriety in-house solutions, and well-defined & extensive processes. Our technical team then thoroughly analyzes the target product technology to detect any potential infringement.
  • Patent Infringement Investigation: Our technical team has more than a decade of experience in infringement investigation and claim charting across a wide array of industries and technologies. We employ advanced open source and upcoming technologies in our investigation. We ensure your success in the offensive infringement litigation by providing the strong infringement evidences using a multi-dimensional approach. This leverages reverse engineering, forensic analysis, log file analysis and available source code analysis.
  • Portfolio assessment: Many technology companies are not able to generate enough revenue from their intellectual property. We offer solutions to assess the value of each of your patent by categorizing them based on the degree of likelihood use by others and by anticipating the use of your inventions in the future. We also help in flagging the patents that pertain to obsolete technologies, so that the renewal cost associated with those patents can be saved.
  • Patent fortify: We believe the strength of a patent is in the claim’s construction and its broadness. Our technical team has a strong experience in enhancing the claim coverage by analyzing the current and historical trends pertaining to technology. We provide detailed technical and legal perspective of your patent and intellectual property. While your patent application is in prosecution stage, we will help you identify competitive products and suggest amends to your claims to increase the possibility of the infringement by the competitive products.