Cosmos is Microsoft’s internal data storage/query system for analyzing enormous amounts (as in petabytes) of data. This Microsoft’s grid computing system called as COSMOS has evolved as one of the greatest solution for handling Big Data by distribution storage and job execution process.

Our COSMOS Offerings:

  • End-to-End Dashboard and Reporting solution development
  • Implementation of Data processing pipeline for structured and un-structured data
  • Redesign & Migration of Traditional Data Analytics & reporting solutions to COSMOS
  • Data Extraction Framework for sourcing data for Data warehouses and Data Mining
  • Unify scattered dashboard and reporting solutions into a integrated & scalable platform
  • Grounds-up PI enablement of a product with COSMOS as storage and computation platform

Our COSMOS Capability:

  • Engineers with hands-on experience on COSMOS
  • Expertise in Scope, Cosmos Tools and Scope SDK